Using The Rules Of Real Estate To Find The Love Of Your Life

Find a home • Find a partner

It's the same process. Or ought to be.

Brian Belefant, Realtor® (and expert at that relationship thing)

Like I know

I’m a licensed Oregon real estate agent. I help people buy and sell homes all the time. I’ve also owned five homes in three states. So I know a thing or two about real estate.

I had a disastrous marriage, which means I also know a thing or two about getting involved with the wrong person.  But I’ve also had several long-term relationships –– most of them pretty good.

Right now I’m involved with someone pretty amazing. Someone who fits –– physically, intellectually, and emotionally. 

I might be just the person to help you avoid some seriously bad mistakes. 

"I wish I'd read this book before I got married the first time. Or the second time. Now that I've read it, the third time is going to be the charm."
Alicia Crodi
Single for the third time
"Brian nails both the real estate stuff and the dating stuff. This book should be required reading for life!"
Howard Getz
Realtor® and father
"I'm sure you get sick of hearing this, but your book is fantastic! This is perfect quarantine reading AND perfect in how it’s broken up into discreet little sections I can read while my child is unexpectedly, blessedly distracted."
Renee Craven
Single mom
"I liked your book even though I'm not a fan of marriage. I am a fan of you."
Reyni Racklin
Lovely Human Being
"Your book is awesome! I go to sleep every time I read it!"
Dan Batchelor
With a name like Batchelor?


It gets better and better

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